Thursday, March 19, 2015

Maps and moving

          In this chapter they are talking to Gilbert Graytail and have to pay him bubblegum and a ball point pen so that they can get a map and information from him. When they're coming back they see that demolition is being done at where they're living so Sorelle worns Firedrake about them going to tear down the building. The boy gets caught by the workers and firedrake saves him and they make a plan to meet at the bridge over the canal after they escape.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Travel information

          In this chapter Sorelle and the boy go to rat's cousin and to get information for their trip. The rat has filing cabinets and a study with a computer that he looks travel information up on. Since he lives at the docks it gets information from animals that have been on boats that come into the port. Rat's cousin's Computer shuts down so he has to uses filing system to find information on their trip but he hasn't heard anything about a place near where they're traveling.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The kid

          In this chapter Firedrake and Sorelle find a kid living in their hiding area.  He is okay with him living there and he will take Sorelle to mouses friend. He loans Sorelle some clothes so that she can travel less conspicuously in the public. They need to get to Rat's cousin because he is a map maker and will help them find the edge of heaven where they want to live and bring all the Dragon there. This entry is for 3/17/15.

Hiding place

          Now firedrake and Sorelle have landed in a river and need to find shelter. They finde an old warehouse to stay in. The door is barely big enough for firedrake to fit through but they get in. Sorelle sniffs everything to make sure humans haven't been around in a while and trys to find something edible but can't. This entry is for 3/16/15.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

New home

          In Dragon Rider Sorelle is it going with firedrake to find a new home called the rim of heaven. They say they will come back once they've found it and get the others, but by then the valley will be filled with water. I think that they're going to find where they want to be and there will be more dragons there but they will not be able to go back and get the other dragons.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

New book

          Today I started a new book.  It is called Dragon rider. So far a mouse is telling all the dragons that the humans are coming to turn their Valley into a reservoir. So far this book is okay. I wonder what the dragon's reactions to seeing the humans will be because they haven't seen them since long before we invented technological things.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Mixing with Japan

          Japanese used to believe that it was bad to mix with people that were from other countries.  They thought that it would make them impure, but now there are Japanese-American and other types of Japanese besides pure Japanese. They believed they were going to lose their language, type of dressing, way of thought, and food types. Opening up to the world after so much isolation was dazzling to the Japanese that may have been one reason that they thought mingling with other countries would make them impure. These are some effects the Japanese people thought would happen if they mingled with other countries.